The mechanical properties investigation of the CNT doped YBCO high temperature superconductor with ANSYS finite element software

Document Type : Regular Paper


Department of Physics, Alzahra University, 1993893973, Tehran, Iran


In this work we simulated the representative volume element (RVE) of carbon nanotube (CNT) which is surrounded by high temperature superconductor (YBCO) by using ANSYS finite element software. First we considered perfect model (for YBCO and CNT) and investigated the effect of radius, length, and the number of nanotube in Young’s modulus of the YBCO by applying force on RVE. Then, a third region an interphase between CNT and YBCO were considered, the Young’s modulus of which is between CNT and YBCO. It is demonstrated that there is a critical radius around 6 nm for the CNT and by applying the CNT with a radius smaller than 6 nm, the Young's modulus of the YBCO increases. Also, by increasing the number of the CNTs with radius smaller than 6nm, the Young's modulus and strength of the matrix (YBCO) increases. According to the non-linear analysis, the Young’s modulus of the CNT doped YBCO matrix is increased 20-22% more than the undoped YBCO sample.