Effects of lead pollution on soil and plants around the powered generators

Document Type: Regular Paper


Environmental Research Center, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq


Because of the everyday use of power generators in Iraq, which exist in residential neighborhoods, it is necessary to study the impact on soils and plants surrounding areas of those generators. Lead is one the most heavy metals released especially, as a result of the combustion of diesel fuel during operation of the powered generators. However, a study was conducted to investigate the lead concentration in soils and Bitter orange leaves affected by powered generators. Forty-eight soil s and sixteen plant samples were collected nearby and around the powered generators. It was found that soil and plant samples that fall under the influence of more than one generator exhibit higher concentration of lead than the soil and plant samples collected from the sites affected by one generator only, also the geographical location of the area in terms of the proximity of other pollutants, such as roads and factories in addition to the movement of wind are all factors that affect the concentration of lead in the soil and thus in the plant located there.