Estimating the Engineering Properties of Building Stones after Freeze-thaw using Multiple Regression Analysis

Document Type: Regular Paper


Department of Geology, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, P.O. Box: 14115-175, Iran


Freeze-thaw is one of the most powerful weathering agents that may cause a rapid change in the initial engineering properties of stones, and limit their durability. Freeze-thaw induces stress over the pores’ surface of stones. Consequently, stone durability is closely related to its engineering and physical properties. The purpose of this study is estimating the engineering properties of deteriorated stones after freeze-thaw using multiple regression analysis. For this purpose, laboratory tests were conducted on 14 different building stones, and their petrographical characteristics, and engineering and physical properties were determined as well. Then freeze-thaw action was simulated for 30 cycles, and the engineering properties of stones including Brazilian tensile strength, point load index and P-wave velocity were determined. The statistical models for estimating the engineering properties after freeze-thaw were developed by multiple regression analysis. The models were validated by statistical tests, and the results showed that engineering properties of stones can be estimated after freeze-thaw using their initial engineering and physical properties with good accuracy.