Shale geological features of Qiujiahe (Є1q) and Longmaxi (S1ln) Formation

Document Type: Regular Paper


School of Energy Resources, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Beijing, China


The main purpose of this research paper is to compare Qiujiahe Formation (Є1q) and Longmaxi Formation (S1ln) in north Sichuan basin where shale gas exploration has not been fully researched, and hence represents the possibility of shale gas concentration under the complex geological conditions. Based on valid laboratorial analysis, there are optimistic prospects for Є1q and S1ln of research area for shale gas exploitation. For shale gas preservation, general geological settings as Paleozoic marine depositions of Є1q and S1ln are relatively favorable. Both formations possess the advantages in shale gas generation and preservation, respectively. However, Qiujiahe Formation (Є1q) can be a more favorable target for shale gas exploration.