Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid as an efficient, chemoselective and reusable catalyst in the acetylation and Formylation of alcohols and phenols under solvent-free conditions at room temperature

Document Type: Regular Paper


Chemistry Department, College of Sciences, Shiraz University, Shiraz 71454, Iran


Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid (DBSA) was used as an efficient, cheap and stable Brønsted catalyst for acetylation of alcohols and phenols and formylation of alcohols under solvent-free conditions. Various primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols were acetylated with acetic anhydride as an acetylating agent under solvent-free conditions in the presence of catalytic amount of DBSA at room temperature. Also, formylation of alcohols was catalyzed by DBSA with ethyl formate in high to excellent yields. This method showed high selectivity in acetylation and formylation of various alcohols and phenols. DBSA was recovered and reused in four successive runs without significant deterioration in catalytic activity.