Estimation of depth and structural index (model type) from 2D magnetic data based on the multiples of amplitude of the analytic signal-A new technique

Document Type: Regular Paper


1 Mining, Petroleum and Geophysics Department, Shahrood University of Technology

2 Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, Yazd University


In this paper a new method is proposed for interpretation of 2D magnetic data, using multiples of the analytic signal method, in which the analytic signal of magnetic anomaly is used directly to compute the depth and the structural index of the source instead of using its higher order derivatives. This method only needs the computation of the first order derivatives of the magnetic anomaly, so the results are more stable than the results obtained by the other existing analytic signal methods. This method is applied on synthetic magnetic data with and without noise, and the proposed method can successfully obtain the depth and the structural index of the sources. We also applied this method to interpret a real magnetic data over a shallow source related to the SOURK Iron Ore mine in Iran, whose source parameters are known from closely core drilling data, and the estimated results are in agreement with the true values.