Influence of thickness and temperature on the properties of Cu2S thin films

Document Type: Regular Paper


1 Department of Physics, Sri Shakthi Institute of Eng. & Tech., Coimbatore 641 062, Tamil Nadu, India

2 Department of Physics, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore 641 013, Tamil Nadu, India


Copper Sulphide (Cu
S) thin films at different thicknesses and annealing temperatures were deposited onto glass
substrate by vacuum evaporation method. XRD study reveals the phase transformation of Cu
S film at higher
thickness. Optical and resistivity study show the phase transformation of the film from Cu
S to CuS when they are
annealed at higher temperature. SEM study exhibits the disappearance of large size particles of annealed film.
Stability of the film is controlled when the films are prepared at higher thickness. Optical band gap and activation
energy for different thickness and various annealing temperatures of Cu
S thin film were calculated and the values
are reported. Photocurrent enhances with film thickness and heat treatment.