Soliton solutions to a few coupled nonlinear wave equations by tanh method

Document Type: Regular Paper


1 Computer Engineering Department, Al-Rafidian University College, 00964 Baghdad, Iraq

2 University of Niš, Faculty of Science and Mathematics Department of Computer Science Višegradska 33, 18000 Niš, Serbia

3 Department of Mathematical Sciences Delaware State University, Dover, DE 19901-2277, USA


In this paper, tanh method is applied to obtain exact solutions for two systems of nonlinear wave equations, namely, two component evolutionary system of homogeneous KdV equations of order 3 (type I as well as type II). Moreover, traveling wave hypothesis is used to obtain sech solution of type II coupled KdV system, in a more general setting. The results show that this method presents exact solutions compared with other methods and it is a powerful tool for solving systems of nonlinear PDEs.